The Friends of Jacob Foundation is dedicated to directly improving the quality of life for families dealing with autism spectrum disorders.

The Friends of Jacob Foundation enriches the lives of families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders by providing financial assistance to help with therapeutic interventions, socialization activities, support networks and family vacations.


Some ways we help families:

  • Provide financial assistance for medical bills, therapy, equipment and respite care
  • Organize and host various events to bring together families dealing with similar issues
  • Provide other resources and support to families, school districts, and the community

General Information
Back in December 2006, we first had a dream that families with children on the Autism Spectrum would get financial assistance by helping with their medical bills, therapy, and respite care. A dream that these families would not have to worry about the financial stress that comes with raising a child on the spectrum and could meet with other families at community events to share stories, doctors, supplements, therapies, and more.

The Friends of Jacob Foundation is taking steps towards realizing our vision providing the basic needs now for families in need.

We believe that we can truly make a real difference.